MAC is all about Solving Problems.

Whether you need a Consumer Finance Program, software to support funding, or if you’ve already got all of that and are simply having trouble administering the assets you have – we’re the people you should talk to first!

We’ve been developing, implementing, and fixing consumer-lending products since 2003 and we have the experience to help you!


MAC is a multifaceted business. We focus in the areas of consumer-funder interaction.

Our goal is to develop and improve how financial services are created, presented and delivered to Consumers. Our President has been working with major Financial Services Corporations evolving their Consumer Offerings since 1995 - the advent of technology supported sales. Among his major accomplishments, he designed the systems that sold the worlds’ first Insurance Policy online. We believe that there are always new frontiers to develop – it’s just that these days they are inside your paradigm, and harder to find. 

Let the Canadian Lease & Finance Association's 2010 Member of the Year help get your business up to international standards!